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Angola: BP Promotes Public Consultation On Drilling At Block24

A public consultation to analyse the study of environmental impact, taking into account the drilling in block24 in the central Benguela province, was promoted on by BP-Angola oil group.

The referred public consultation was aimed at presenting to Benguela society the drilling project to be developed in block24, as well as gathering opinions from the public so as to clarify doubt s related to the project.

During the meeting, the participants were briefed on the motivation of the project, drilling and supporting ships, drilling operation, emission of discharge and waste to be generated during the drilling project.

On the occasion, the environmentalist Justo Kalandi, who opened the event, on behalf of the Benguela government, stressed that the topic of protecting the environment should be seen as serious by everyone.

The environmentalist added that the constitution, in article 39, establishes that the State adopts necessary measures for the protection of the environment, national flora and fauna, as well as maintenance of the ecological balance.

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