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West Africa Oil and Gas Security Summit to be held in Lagos on 18th – 19th June 2014

IRN will host the inaugural West Africa Oil & Gas Security 2014 Summit, the latest addition to IRN’s well-established oil and gas security portfolio.

This timely Summit will be held in Lagos, the fastest growing city in the African continent, on 18th- 19th June. Nigeria is oil rich and soon to be the continent’s largest economy; however, the country is beset with security incidents that threaten the stability of the oil industry and communities in vicinity of it; Nigeria is thus the ideal setting for this crucial forum.

The meeting will be a discrete platform where delegates can share intelligence with other senior level experts in the oil and gas industry and relevant Governmental bodies on how to effectively cooperate with local communities, deflect bribery demands, improve information sharing between neighbouring states, secure ports and offshore assets, develop defence plans for vessels transiting through high risk areas, select the most advanced security systems, and prevent pipeline sabotage.

There will be a number of high- profile security case studies, panel discussions, and presentations concentrated on the threat posed by expanding terrorism and extremism; oil theft; offshore infrastructure attack, and piracy prevention, to name a few.

 Attendees will also benefit from a number of networking opportunities including the Private Gala Dinner and Brandy & Cigar Networking, to allow them to forge valuable business relationships in a relaxed and informal fashion.

More information can be found on the website, while for regular updates follow @IRN_Security on Twitter and join the LinkedIn Group 'Global Security Networking Platform'.

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